Top up Loans in Delhi NCR

In current market, choosing a home loan along with the significant amount of savings can be the best choice if you want to buy your dream home. But sometimes you need more money than you were expected to manage financial gaps while repaying your running home loan. This situation can be problematic but to deal with this, there is a good option called top-up loan which can be taken on your existing home loan. It is a pocket friendly solution to help you in settling financial crunches. So the question comes here is what is a top-up loan.

About Top-up Loan

Top up loan is a loan program that is provided by a loan lender to a borrower with an existing home loan. It is different than a personal loan.  It’s a handy solution in financial crisis where you need money to fulfill your needs like home renovations, medical bills or paying educational fees.

So if you have already taken a home loan and repaying the EMIs on time then lender won’t hesitate in providing you additional loan.

Top-up Loan – Eligibility and Repayment Period

Existing home loan customers are eligible to go for Top up Loans, but this is not the only condition. Only those customers that have a good repayment record along with a healthy credit score are good to go for a Top-up loan. The Home Loan provider companies and Banks offer around 2 to 3 years of repayment duration and it changes from one company to another.

Benefits of Top-up Loans

There are numerous benefits of Top-up loans.

  1. Low interest rate – The loan is given on the security of the house therefore the top loan interest rates are lower than regular personal loan or gold loan interest rates. Since it’s a secured loan, it is obvious that its interest rate will be lower.
  2. No Additional Mortgage – A top-up loan is offered on your existing home loan so you do not need to provide additional documents or mortgage etc.
  3. No Precondition of usage of funds – There is no precondition of using the top-up loan amount. Loan Provider Company does not ask for the purpose of taking the loan. So you can use it to resolve the problem or emergency that caused you to apply for top-up loan online.

The Big Question: How to get Top-up Loan?

To get a top-up loan, all you have to do is to request to your current home loan provider to consider offering you a home loan top-up. A person becomes eligible once he fulfill the minimum tenure of existing home loan. An alternative for this is to apply for top-up loan from another loan home loan provider company. It can be a good deal as you get the chance to get top-up loan with lower interest rate. In this case you have to opt for a home loan balance transfer to that company.


It’s a wonderful idea to choose Top-up loan to handle financial emergencies when you are already repaying home loan. It can help you meet your urgent and unexpected financial needs and all this at reasonable lower interest rate. You are getting the freedom to use the amount the way you want, no usage obligations at all. Plus, you are getting a considerable amount of repayment time to pay off the loan amount on time.

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