Indian women applying for home loan

To make women financially dependent and socially strong, financial agencies including Banks took some major steps. It includes special discounts, concessional rates and also special schemes to promote women to buy a house by getting easily available home loans.

Being an owner of your own house gives a sense of financial security for both genders. Since our society is not women-centric and it requires women empowerment, Banks are offering loans for women applicants with attractive benefits and schemes that are exclusive for women only. To promote Home Loans for women different banks are coming up with lucrative schemes for ladies that are the primary or sole applicant and primary or sole owner in case of joint ownership of the house.

Here are the reasons why women should apply for home loan.

  1. Higher Chances of Loan Application Acceptance – Every Bank or loan providing organization has a process to analyze the loan applicant. It involves the eligibility criteria decided by the lender, required documents submission and also applicant should have a good CIBIL rating. A credit score is a way to that banks uses to measure the risk involved with the applicant. A good CIBIL rating (credit score) simply means a less risky borrower. Statistically, it is seen that women are less risky borrowers as compared to men when repaying EMI. Therefore women as primary applicant, with correct documents and a good CIBIL score tends higher chances of getting their home loan approved.
  2. Lower Interest Rates as Compare to Loan Applied by Man – Interest rate is the major element in any loan. The home loans involve huge amount and their repayment duration is also longer, a slight change in the interest rates can cause a heavy burden on the borrower. Recently most banks coming with offers, like SBI bank has a special home loan scheme called ‘Her Ghar’, HDFC Bank offering Home Loans for Women called “Women Power”. Similarly, ICICI Bank and LIC also offer home loans to women at concessional rates.
  3. Lower Stamp Duty – Stamp duty changes state to state as it is decided by the state government. Many Indian state governments have lower stamp duty for Women applicants who are looking for Home Loans. Usually, the difference between stamp duty for women applicants and men applicants are up to 2 percent. It looks smaller but for a loan amount of 50 Lacs, the relief of 1 Lac is huge for anyone.

There are many developers and builders and also offers special discounts and time bound schemes that are primarily designed to empower women to buy a house. In the sale of plots by the government through the lottery system, women get special privileges as well.

In my perspective, it is a good way to motivate women by offering them special privileges and let them fulfill their dream of having their own house.

In case you would like to know more about the benefits women can avail while applying for home loans, you can ask your questions to our experts at Banknomics.

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