Essel Finance

India's leading private sector financial services company. As an umbrella brand for the financial businesses of the Essel Group, they offer a diverse range of services and products across corporate finance and retail sectors.

About Business Loan

As a growth oriented enterprise you want to create an appropriate infrastructure to scale up your business to be competitive and showcase your capability to the vendors and suppliers and thus need SME Loan

Eligibility Criteria

  • Loans up to 10 years

  • Loans from INR 10 lac to 150 lac

  • Purchase of Commercial / Industrial premises construction of Commercial premises

  • Open to all Industries and Clusters

Documents Required

  • As per RBI KYC norms and other standard documents

Do's and Don'ts


  • Make your mortgage or rent payments on time
  • Stay current on all existing accounts
  • Continue to work for the same employer
  • Continue living at your current residence
  • Keep credit card balances at or below 40% of credit limits
  • Call us before doing anything regarding your employment, credit cards or assets.


  • Don’t make a major purchase (car, boat, etc.)
  • Don’t apply for new credit or loans of any kind
  • Don’t change bank accounts or banks unless advised
  • Don’t consolidate your debt into fewer accounts
  • Don’t Deposit cash or non-traceable funds
  • Don’t close credit card accounts
  • Don’t borrow money